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 I am very grateful to acknowledge the support of the Department of Tourism, Heritage, and Culture.

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I am very grateful to acknowledge the support of the Department of Tourism, Heritage, and Culture.

Photos and video by: :Louis Philippe Chiasson


APRIL 27 - MAY 27, 2020

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REMEMBER: Artists' careers rely upon your ongoing interest and investment in their work.

Gallery on Queen "Momentum," is a solo digital exhibition featuring Moncton based artist Jared Betts. We are currently living in uncertain times. Our gallery doors may be closed during this pandemic, but art will persevere and continue to unite us. "Momentum" is an experimental new show presented online to keep the love of art alive in our community and beyond.

Since April 27th, we have been posting paintings by Jared Betts online alongside a video from the artist discussing his work and vision for the show. All of the pieces are available to purchase online through our new digital store. Please remember: artists' careers rely upon your ongoing interest and investment in their work.

Jared Betts's paintings are included in numerous corporate and private collections in Paris, Toronto, Montreal, LA, China, Australia and Iceland. Jared earned a BFA from NSCAD University and has exhibited in over 150 exhibitions in Tokyo, Paris, New York, London, Iceland, Germany, Costa Rica and all across Canada. He is the recipient of nine artsnb grants, a Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture and Heritage grant, an Enterprise Greater Moncton business grant and a New Brunswick Tourism, Culture and Heritage grant.

Jared has taken part in several artist residencies, from the land of fire and ice in Iceland, a castle in Ireland to spending half a year in the jungles of Costa Rica resulting in an exhibition at the National Gallery of Costa Rica. Most recently, he gave an artist talk at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, completed a 100 foot mural in Halifax sponsored by Studio 21 Fine Art Gallery and exhibited at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

"Momentum" marks a new chapter for the Gallery as we experiment with digitizing our experiences going forward. These are trying times but we hope to use these new online formats to continue bringing our community together and share new works with everyone.

“My use of ethereal gesture and expressionist forms has since set the tone for my highly charged prismatic color field paintings. I aim to rethink the very parameters of contemporary painting, and my work touches on many pertinent and pressing concerns around the practice of chromatic mark making, and how these relate to artistic ideals in the 21st century. My martyristic paintings inhabit the space where consciousness descends into dream; where pattern and color expand to become an immersive sensory experience. In this celestial space, I seek to examine this dream-like suppression of recognizable imagery and capture the visceral sensations with the sublime nature of drips and the colorfield. Multiple layers of tension – between the duality of conscious and subconscious surrealist automatism, flat surface and illusory depth – propel my Aquarian desire to use visual cues as a means of stimulating ascending metaphysical sensation.”


CYBERPUNK The word cyberpunk was coined by writer Bruce Bethke, who wrote a story with that title in 1980. He created the term by combining "cybernetics," the science of replacing human functions with computerized ones, and "punk," the raucous music and nihilistic sensibility that became a youth culture in the 1970s and '80s. Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a dystopian futuristic setting that tends to focus on the society of the proverbial "high tech and low life"; featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements, such as information technology and cybernetics, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order. Much of cyberpunk is rooted in the New Wave science fiction movement of the '60s and '70s, when writers like Philip K. Dick, Roger Zelazny, John Brunner, J.G. Ballard, Philip Jose Farmer and Harlan Ellison examined the imapct of drug culture, technology, and the sexual revolution while avoiding the utopian tendencies of earlier science fiction. Common motifs of cyberpunk include, Posthumanism/Dehumanization, Industrialism / Corporatocracy, Alienation / Isolation, Rebellion / Revenge, Philosophical / Psychological Allegories
"Classic cyberpunk characters were marginalized, alienated loners who lived on the edge of society in generally dystopic futures where daily life was impacted by rapid technological change, a ubiquitous datasphere of computerized information, and invasive modification of the human body."

KAWAII(かわいい, pronounced [kaɰaiꜜi]; "lovable", "cute", or "adorable") is the culture of cuteness in Japan. It can refer to items, humans and nonhumans that are charming, vulnerable, shy, and childlike. The original definition of Kawaii came from Lady Murasaki's 11th century novel The Tale of Gengi, where it referred to pitiable qualities during the Shogunate period under the ideology of neo-Confucianism.

FANTASY By definition, fantasy is a genre that typically features the use of magic or other supernatural phenomena in the plot, setting, or theme. Magical or mythological creatures often feature, as well as races other than humans, such as elves, demons, trolls, mermaids, succubi, dwarves, dragons, fairies, gnomes, ogres, unicorns or goblins.

This series can be split into two more components, 1) inspiration from my travels to Tokyo 3 years ago and 2) also inspired by my butterfly panels that are mounted permanently on the banks of the Petitcodiac River in Moncton, Canada and reference a 1995 outdoor art project “Night Glow Highway”. I conducted research in the New Brunswick Museum insect collection for this series with a continuation of the moth + butterfly motif along with a new exploration of new materials and neon pastel cyber punk funk. This series was made at Imago Screen Printing Studio in Aberdeen Cultural Centre in Moncton.


Jared Betts’ series Nymphalidae Phosphorescence is an elegy to Night Glow Highway 1995. By returning to the same site on the banks of the Petitcodiac River, this project enables passers-by to revisit the original exhibition in a new light. Betts has drawn on the technical, formal, and iconographic elements of the panels made at the time to produce a new series, while simultaneously making reference to the hybrid techniques of Paul Édouard Bourque, to the large wings of George Blanchette’s Anges déchus, and to the natural subjects taken from the surrounding marsh by Marc Cyr and Nat Snider.

Faithful to his practice of rendering the natural world abstract, Betts carried out research at the New Brunswick Museum in order to sample the patterns and colours of its collection of indigenous and exotic butterflies. The work’s title evokes his interest in these insects that have a surreal beauty: nymphalidae is the scientific term for the largest family of butterflies and phosphorescence is an allusion to their often dazzling colours.

After having gathered enough material to prepare his compositions, Betts became engrossed in his creation, carrying out technical experiments at the Imago Artist-run Print Shop. The formal innovations that came out of this exploratory work were then amalgamated with his signature pictorial style and fluorescent chromatic scale. His large abstract compositions exist in harmony with the surrounding landscape and offer passers-by the opportunity to plunge momentarily into the realm of the imaginary. Jared’s butterfly panels are mounted permanently in an outdoor exhibition on the banks of the Petitcodiac. The project was curated by Elise Anne Laplant & Michelle Drapeau.


Pictus consists of a series of large-scale acrylic paintings on canvas, by Moncton based artist Jared Betts. Created during the winter months of 2018-19, these works are part of a major show currently touring Atlantic Canada. The exhibition is curated by Paul Édouard Bourque.

Jared Betts is currently engaged in exploring cutting edge expression modes in the field of contemporary painting. His use of gesture and expressionist forms has since the onset set the tone for his highly charged pictorial works. Betts aims at rethinking the very parameters of contemporary painting, and his work as such touches on many pertinent and pressing concerns around the practice of chromatic mark-making, and how these relate to artistic ideals in the 21st century.

Betts confronts the picture plane with bravado and panache. Application and treatment of pigmented matter relies on a zen-inspired attitude mastered by the artist who “gazes trance-like at the surface, until the piece happens…”. Painting such as this requires a definite sang-froid and the mastery of one’s state of mind. The realization of a self-contained, autonomous body of work results from Betts’ full-time commitment to the exploratory adventure around mark-making and structural use of colour as a construction strategy for the picture.

Betts has travelled extensively and has benefited from many artist residencies throughout the world. His rapid absorption of other cultural mores has resulted in a global stance, but also a very intimate and personal one, in regards to what it signifies for an artist to articulate and express visual ideas and ideals onto a blank canvas, while maintaining a deep commitment towards the graphic expression of abstraction and form. His vision resonates within contemporary concepts relating to site, space and time. His strong ties to itinerancy and travel underline the inescapable passage of time; sequence allied to process becomes manifest in these large canvases, whose aim seeks to engulf the viewer’s imagination with vibrancy, action and life.

Paul Édouard Bourque

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